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Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Thankful Tuesday... those who see me for who I am and will be not for who I might be temporarily

Over the past few days, God has used some friends in my life to remind me that I am loved. I am thankful today for the friends who have come along, that some even for a short season have been there when I needed them most. One of my high school teachers, reminded me today of my positive traits, and that was the best sort of reminder. It really blessed me in a way that I'm not sure he even will realize. I strongly believe that God brings people into our lives for relationship at just the appropriate times to move us forward and to encourage us in the ways that we need. For me, this high school teacher made himself available to me. I knew that I could tell him anything. He taught me so much about the Bible and then later on I got to be his TA and let me tell ya, this was a big deal. Everybody wanted to be his TA :)He also was there for me in times of loss, like the time I lost the race for class president. He knew how bummed I was and was able to lift my spirits. Till this day we still joke about the time he pulled a fast one on me... and was falling out of his chair laughing so hard! ;) Those were good times... and later on when I went off to college, he sent me off with the most hilarious care package. The only item that I recall and still own, was a huge metal flashlight that he explained the benefits of as being: will light your way, and will double as a weapon against male assailants.
When I met my husband, he of course asked all the questions about this guy. He wanted to know if Matt had large portions of the Bible memorized, because of course I did... NOT! well our friends think the best of us right? So he just wanted to make sure that my future husband would be equally yoked. He approved, and came to speak at my wedding, and this was a great feat. Because, my teacher/friend/confidant actually arrived with a bad stomach ulcer, but you wouldn't know it! He acted like everything was fine, because he didn't want to taint my day in any way.. What a guy!
When we decided to return to the U.S. after living 3 yrs abroad, my husband was able to apply to the same place of work as this friend.
Neither I or my teacher at the time knew how much we would continue to affect one another lives. Even though we don't talk often, there have been a few moments where God has continued to use us to pray for each other and each other's families. I am thankful today for a teacher who saw a student, decided to invest in that student, and now is continuing to enrich my life and the lives of many others.

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