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We've lived alot of places including S.Korea, Seattle and San Diego. We've liked all the places we've been, but we like our current home the best! We now live in a great town with fabulous people that appreciate the value of hard work and a kind word. Its tough to find that type of place anymore. So with that said, we enjoy taking road trips, working on our house, growing our garden, attempting new recipes, and just hanging out as a family pursuing new and old hobbies, and spending time with our families. We have lots to be thankful for, and hope to share a glimpse into that here. Visit often, sit awhile and leave a comment!

Monday, June 30, 2008

Play DOH'

I'm not friends with Play doh! It drives me bonkers... so when I allow Joshua the freedom to play with it he gets super excited! It's like he knows... not sure how long this will last so I better enjoy it! The same goes with painting projects :) So I'm adding some pics of Josh getting to do some of these rare activities, and when you see the pics, you'll see why! lol

God is soooo good!

I had what a call a crazy day. Let me explain.... so for the last 6 weeks I've been driving my husband to and from work EVERY DAY! yikes. Today upon waking I was so tired that I did what I normally do on my days off and that is to drive Matt to work in my pjs :) My mom teases me relentlessly about this, I think because I gave her a hard time about that when I was a kid ;) So Joshua and I returned home, expecting thunderstorms which haven't decided to show up till tonight, and watched all the t.v. shows that he normally doesn't get to see anymore since we are out the door and off to our various things everyday. I very happily snuck an extra half hour of sleep ;) whoohooooo! amazing what makes me happy now! After a bout of feeling guilty for neglecting my 3 yr old.... I set up his bowling set and took pictures...

This afternoon, Joshua had a dr's appt for a referral for surgery that he is going to need to repair complications from his first surgery, bummer! I love the dr. that we saw today, but I no choice but to take an afternoon appt which meant NO nap for josh :( Of course, he fell asleep 5 minutes before the appt....sooooo typical. Then while we were seeing the dr... joshua was up and down on and off the table. He thoroughly enjoyed turning the portable light on and off. My patience was running thin... and he knew it. He protested the fact that this particular dr's office had a toy area without toys! Once we finally left we returned home for an hour and a half... I was hoping for a nap, silly me! Joshua remembered (have i mentioned his amazing memory!) that he was promised ice cream after this dr. appt. mainly because his personal parts are involved... the dr. kindly referred to it as his 'Johnson' lol. So joshua ate 2 otter pops and while I was on the phone with Geico he snuck a fudgsicle! Of course any mom with a 3 yr old knows that the few minutes of complete quiet are worth the sugar rush that followed :) Then the time came for us to go get Matt. So off we went to get daddy! By the time Matt came out to the car, joshua was fast asleep and stayed this way well into the evening... I took more pics!

The best part of the day was that we were reminded of God's blessing on our lives. With our move to WA we've found that our finances have been tough to get back into order. We have been walking in faith this week knowing that our finances were pretty low and with upcoming expenses that we were going to be having a tough time meeting them all. On my way home from the dr's office, I checked the mail to find a surplus check from the mortgage company! I could hardly believe it... all I could say was THANK you LORD! He is so good to us. We recently have experienced the importance of tithing and how that obedience affects our relationship with God. If you are not tithing because you think there isn't enough money in your bank acct then you might be pleasantly surprised by how God will take care of your needs and sometimes your wants too, just consider that!

Father's Day blog (late :( )

I'm adding these photos somewhat late because I just got around to it. We went for a drive on Father's day to Entiat and it was BEAUTIFUL!!! I'll include some photos take a few days before Father's day as well that seem an appropriate tribute to Matt and that show how much Joshua adores him!


Friday, June 27, 2008

I've been tagged, :)

The Rules:
1. Link the person(s) who tagged you
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Ok, so Mary tagged me today!

1. I want a few more kids, but I doubt it will happen because I love sleep way tooo much!
2. I tease my husband for driving too slow and also give him a hard time for having more tickets/accidents than myself... and I do drive too fast sometimes.
3.I love photography, and my camera and the awesome shots that I get, but I do not enjoy carrying the heavy bag.
4. I'm a big documentary fan. I am not a reader and I love learning facts through documentaries.
5. I'm a teacher and yet I don't spend hardly any time teaching my son anything academic ;)
6. I absolutely refuse to buy gas anywhere other than costco, thankfully its only 2 miles from my house.

I am tagging: Rachel, Katie, Angela, Megan, Wyatt, and Corrina.