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We've lived alot of places including S.Korea, Seattle and San Diego. We've liked all the places we've been, but we like our current home the best! We now live in a great town with fabulous people that appreciate the value of hard work and a kind word. Its tough to find that type of place anymore. So with that said, we enjoy taking road trips, working on our house, growing our garden, attempting new recipes, and just hanging out as a family pursuing new and old hobbies, and spending time with our families. We have lots to be thankful for, and hope to share a glimpse into that here. Visit often, sit awhile and leave a comment!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Peace and Quiet, long awaited and well deserved....

So today, I decided to try and be SUPERMOM... just so you know it hasn't happened yet! I am off work today and since we are headed to Seattle tommorow I have soooo much to do before we go! I look around my house, scratching my head and wondering, HOW did this tornado slip in under my nose???

Of course, we had places to go today, and Joshua was very well behaved! Even in the dreaded dollar tree store which I've heard stories about how difficult it can be to take kiddos there, which I had pretty much avoided until today. Joshua had $5 birthday money left from his birthday in MAY!! He had no problem finding 5 items to purchase. We also mailed a ton of stuff, and bought sale items at fred meyer.

Once we arrived at home, it was a mad rush to get cold grocery items into the fridge. Meanwhile, Joshua sat down to eat... but what I can't seem to force myself to do is actually coordinate our meal time together. So after he's re-energized I'm starving and feeling a bit hen-pecked by the demands of a preschooler ;) Note to self, cannot meet the demands of 3 yr old without food or caffiene :)

What I'm getting at here in this chatty blog is that some days you just feel like you are being pecked to death by a chicken. Saw this phrase once on a sign describing motherhood, and I can say that I agree, some days are like that! Whether its the act of wiping poo off the potty trained kid, or the constant reminding that it is indeed time for that long awaited and well deserved nap, some days are rough. It is in this very moment that I'm reminded why I do it... my precious lil guy is just sweet, and wacky in his own way. When we left this morning to run those errands he insisted upon wearing his lime green snow hat! I absolutely love his independent sense of style. He had fun wearing that hat all morning and even looked pretty cool in it :)

To all the mom's out there, I hope that you too get some peace and quiet, because we know that once we do it usually is long awaited and well deserved!