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Saturday, April 30, 2011

80th post ~ happy list saturday...80 things I'm happy about!!!!

For my 80th Post I decided to do something different.... list 80 things that I'm happy about!!!   thank you Natasha, for doing this, I love this idea!!!

1. My husband
2. My kids
3. dark chocolate mixed with fruit
4. Coffee
5. new shoes
6. new wallets
7. 5 calorie drinks
8. playdates
9. laundry all done
10. Girls night out
11. New music on the ipod
12. pj pants
13. chick flick
14. air - popped popcorn with cheese on it
15. a good read
16. long drive with beautiful scenery
17. useful appliances in the kitchen
18. homemade ice cream
19. wet bags
20. tape adapter for my ipod
21. earbuds
22. pretty necklaces
23.take out
24. family
25. onesies
26. portable dvd players
27. homemade bread
28. friends who send quality chocolate after an argument
29. clean sheets
30. stain removers that actually work
31. people that actually understand me
32. friends with a sense of humor
33. words with friends game
34. easy and delicious recipes
35. my minivan
36. my cell  phone
37. texting
38. blogging
39. facebooking
40. soft kleenex
41. sudafed
42. zyrtec 
43. naps
44. funny movies
45. cooking shows
46. rock style worship
47. trader joe's
48. goat cheese
49. kindle app
50. funnel cake
51. taco trucks
52. target
53. old navy
54. dutch brothers
55. health insurance
56. DVR
57. HULU
58. Netflix
59. roses
60. lilacs
61. homegrown tomatoes
62. Dahlias
63. sippy cups
64. reusable coffee cups
65. coffee stamp cards
66. sense of humor
67. children playing together happily
68. dishwashers
69. washers/dryers
70. vacuum cleaners
71. wine
72. apple wood smoked pork
73. McDonald's play area
74. double stroller
75. cute bags
76. antique stores
77. gyros
78. electric blankets
79. mom agenda planner
80. my Bible app on my phone



What a great list!!

Jen said...

So many great things on the list!!!

Dandelion Talk said...

Very cool! I like chick flick too! *HighFive*