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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thursday Thoughts: How the Theater prepared me for MOTHERHOOD!

So today in the midst of the chaos, that I call motherhood, a thought came to mind....all those years that I learned how to act, and perform on stage, was all really just preparation.  I spent a few years learning the ropes of acting, working the backstage props, and working with other actors. At the time I just thought I was doing something that I enjoyed and learning some new things along the way.  It was a great experience that I really enjoyed! I loved getting on stage, (HUGE SHOCK) and I never really experienced being nervous.  I actually enjoyed the adrenaline rush that comes with performing, unlike those who it terrified.  Those years were preparing me for something much bigger. 

You see, in the course of a single day, most moms deal with a fair amount of drama that is comparable to actors and their tantrums. All you moms out there of toddlers, I can hear you through the internet shouting, AMEN!  Often tantrums make no sense... and can really send mommy into swirling chaos, I'm sure much like those who try and meet the requests of actors, that can also at times, make no sense.

We are responsible for multiple costume changes throughout the day.  Most of these costume changes are meal related.  Once that tantruming child refuses to wear a bib, its inevitable that a costume change will follow. My own costume change usually follows as food transfers from toddler to mommy, and then mommy realizes this a little late.  Mommy doesn't notice until she runs into her friend at the grocery store and sees the horror on the friends' face. This friend has children too young to throw tantrums and never ever will because her child is an angel.  Its also not uncommon to walk out of the house with additional fashion add-ons, that aren't fashionable at all, like stickers in places that you'd never wear them. (*thanks G for that story)

The worst costume changes are necessary when you are on a road trip, out for the day etc... and the skill alone that this requires, deserves a medal all its own... perfectly titled, "completed diaper and clothing change while hunched over the back seat of minivan, straddling bags and toys, because we are in the middle of nowhere and its 30* outside"

Only skilled actors can differentiate between cries of pain and cries of discontent. Moms have to know that difference, and also know how to throw in a some comedy on occasion.  Impromptu skills are required.   I think most moms would agree that motherhood requires us to do a little bit of acting ourselves at times, usually for the benefit of our children.  So as you can clearly see, the theater really did prepare me for motherhood, at least that is what I think!  What has prepared you for motherhood?!?

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