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We've lived alot of places including S.Korea, Seattle and San Diego. We've liked all the places we've been, but we like our current home the best! We now live in a great town with fabulous people that appreciate the value of hard work and a kind word. Its tough to find that type of place anymore. So with that said, we enjoy taking road trips, working on our house, growing our garden, attempting new recipes, and just hanging out as a family pursuing new and old hobbies, and spending time with our families. We have lots to be thankful for, and hope to share a glimpse into that here. Visit often, sit awhile and leave a comment!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

adding injury to insult: a rant...

Have you ever felt completely misunderstood? I have! I know I'm not the only one! We've all felt that way from time to time... the worst thing though is when you open yourself up to others and then someone who knows you well hurls insults your way. Its bad enough to be frustrated about something but then to have someone make you feel worse... that's not cool at all. Ever notice how hard it actually is to forgive someone when they hurt you, but worse when they are a close friend? There is a super fine line between forgiveness and protection. Boundaries are equally important to forgiveness. Its important to establish healthy boundaries with others especially if their own boundary lines aren't clear. Over the past few months of my life, I'm learning to establish some healthier boundaries with those that have hurt me in the past. In the world of facebook and twitter its easy to blur the lines of appropriate boundaries and so forth. So in the past few months, I've made efforts to draw some lines in the sand in regards to friendships. All I can say is that I'm definitely happier as a result.

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